Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Is It!!!

This will be my last post on this blog! I might think about it ocassionally over the summer, but I doubt i will do anything about that feeling. This was fun, i don't think anyone read it except for my sister, but she gave me some good feedback, most of the time. I am looking forward to my SENIOR YEAR!!! I am going to have a ton of hard classes and no time at all becasue of Varsity Singers, but hopefully I am up for it! I am also planning on doing track next year, plus my brother is coming home next year!! So many things are going to happen next year! I am so excited for the future! Have a great summer everyone!!


I need money.....lots and lots of money!! I have to spend $750 for Varsity Singers next year. But I am really looking forward to that! Plus I would really like some new clothes and to paint my car. The main problem is, I don't have a job. I guess I have two, but they are small, little pay jobs. But they will give me some money. I also have to fundraise for a walk-a-thon. So hopefully that will go well and I won't have to pay that much out of my pocket, well actually so my parents won't have to pay that much because there really isn't much in my pocket!


So, finals for school start tomorrow. I haven't really started to study, don't get me wrong, i have a little, but not really. It seems like you always have the most work to do on wednesday nights when you have church! Lame!! I just hope i can cram enough to get good grades. I hope they wont be that bad. I only have two tomorrow....welp see ya later!

Monday, May 24, 2010


This is the last full week of school!! We have finals thursday and friday, then we are off school until tuesday and tuesday is..................THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! I couldn't be more excited about anything! I have a few goals for this summer:
1) Get an awesome tan
2) Go on the boat at least twice a week
3) Get a job (i dont really want to do this, but i have to)
4) Raise a ton of money for Varsity Singers
5) Have a ton of fun!!
I hope this summer goes well! I am planning on going to Michigan a ton to see my sister and nephews. I realy want to go to Wisconsin and see all my friends, i don't think that wil happen, but I will try really hard to make it happen!
As for now, I am just hoping to get through finals and get a good grade in trig. I epically fail at trig!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Everyday during creative writing i get into class, check my facebook, then i look at everyones blogs. I hope you don't think that's creepy, i like to see what everyone is up to and how they are doing! I mostly look at my cousins because my sister/sister-in-law haven't posted anything in a while (I think i am going to get in trouble for that!) But i love everyone's blogs! They are all really pretty!!


The reason why I have been posting so much is because we only have a few days left of school and i don't have enough posts to get a passing grade! i go again! I really don't think i will keep this blog up after this class, it takes too much work! I want to put pictures up here and everything, but i always forget to do it at home. Oh well! This weekend should be interesting! i have a choir concert and i have a solo in it. I have never really had this long of a solo before, but I am going to be in varsity singers next year, so i better get used to it!
On a side note...i am very hungry right now! I wish we could go back to the days of snacks then nap time, i think high schoolers need that the most! Welp, talk to you later!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Friendship is an easy word to understand for most people. But for the select few who think friendship means there is a possibility for more to happen, friendship means friendship!! No joke!! I love how some people can take the simplest words and turn them into the phrase "i love you" when a person just says something to be polite. It is blowing my mind right now!! I really dont understand!! I also love how some people dont' know what they have until it's gone, then they want it back. Sorry, that ship has sailed my friend....emphasis on the word friend! People these days!